Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to avoid spoilers ? ( Book tips & tricks #1 )

so.. you read this cause you want to know how to avoiding spoilers..?? 
well, you came to the right place.. i have some tips and tricks to avoid those spoilers around your life.

- The first tips to avoid spoiler : 
Don't YOU DARE open your social media about books that you are going to read. WHY ?? 
Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook especially Tumblr and Twitter. ALL OF THEM are FULL OF SPOILERS... believe me ! just don't search any information related to your books there, you will get spoiled. 

- The second tips to avoid spoiler : 
DON'T EVER read your book in public. If you dare, believe me people who saw you read the book will spoiled you. Cause' i've had experience this, while i am walking in mall and reading Extraordinary Means and someone just came to me and say " hey did you know, ***** die in chapter ** i was just like shock for a moment and start angry, and crying. After that i went home, and just like going crazy in my room and i was so angry at that girl who spoiled me.... start from that moment i will never read books in public EVER AGAIN.

- The third tips to avoid spoiler : 
If you go out with your friends especially if one or few of them like reading. DON'T TELL them what are you reading right now or if you want to discuss about it tell them you haven't finished it. If you didn't do this, you will be spoiled. 

- The fourth tips to avoid spoiler : 
If your friend or someone who has finished the book you're reading and they want to talk about that book. STOP THEM FOR TALKING. Even if they promise not to tell any spoilers, they will spoiled you. 

- The fifth tips to avoid spoiler : 
NEVER EVER flips the book pages. You never know what pages you will stop in. So, don't flip the book pages. You will get spoiled.

That's all the tips i hope you like it and become useful for you.. thx for visiting, Keep reading!!